Album: I AM (2017)

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Song: Knucklehead

Bitrate: 320kbps

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John de Wit, aka White Mash is a Dutch musician, composer, producer.
Started as a apprentice in a small local studio in his hometown Delft.
His mentor (Mr. Peter Tetteroo) learned him to master the basics of diffrent classical styles of music.
John has been a all round musician and studio recording engineer for over many years, working and colaborating in all areas of music.
With his background he developed his own style over the years were he combines classical styles and structures with electronic and modern variaties.
Inspired by early Metal, Industrial, Crossovers, Punk, Rap and Electro Hardcore bands like RATM, RHCP, The Crystal Methode, NWA, JXL.
His work ranges in styles from Heavy Industrial beats, Metal/Rock, Blues and Rap through to classical, electronic and popular world music.

My love for music is quite obsessive as it gives me peace of mind and dealing with my solitude. I try to put all my emotions in my songs and it helps me keep on going.